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Tommy Reed and the Treasure Hunters Club have been on many thrilling treasure hunts, but their latest undertaking will take every amount of their smarts, ingenuity, teamwork, youth and grit.


When a secret government agency asks Tommy and the Club to help them search for the first of the mythical Twelve Treasures they can’t resist the temptation.


Find King Arthur’s sword Excalibur!


But a secret society known as the Brotherhood, led by a mysterious man known as the Baron, is also looking for the great weapon for their own use.


The Baron’s goal? Acquire all of the Twelve Treasures and create a new world order.


Unbeknownst to the Treasure Hunters Club they have stumbled on a plot for world domination and a desire to awaken an old evil.


Join the Treasure Hunters Club on the quest for the Twelve Treasures as they race against evil with the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance and no points for second place.


The Search for Excalibur features a large cast of new and unforgettable characters. With an adventure spanning two worlds, the third installment of the Treasure Hunters Club series, is the most exciting and action packed yet!



Praise for The Treasure Hunters Club & Sean McCartney

This writer is replacing the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew adventures with a fresh global approach.--Goodloe Sutton, Democrat-Reporter, Linden,  Alabama


The Treasure Hunters Club is the Hardy Boys for the new millennium.-- Michael Rhoads, Host of 1150 AM, Digging Through the South; Corpus Christi, TX


Sean McCartney’s respect and affection for his young readers shines on every page. --Douglas Savage, Author of Court Martial of Robert E. Lee and the new, acclaimed novel, A Mouthful of Dust.


The Treasure Hunters Club is a gripping tale from the get-go!--Stacia Deutsch, best-selling author of Blast to the Past Series


Highly Recommended! --Bonnie Neely, Top 1000 reviewer for Amazon


This story has all the components of a wonderful YA adventure. --Charles Ashbacher, Top 50 reviewer for Amazon


Sean McCartney is a writer to watch! Very exciting... Great work - awesome adventure. --Adam Weissler, Extra Television


McCartney’s story is full of kids facing their fears and living out their wildest dreams - the stuff fiction is made of. – Darla Welchel, New Castle Pacer, Indiana


Sean McCartney’s debut book will have readers in its grip. –The High Desert Advocate, Wendover,  Nevada


A choice pick!—Midwest Book Review


Author Sean McCartney doesn’t disappoint in this journey. –Lost Treasure Magazine

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